The Better Business Bureau (BBB) would like to ensure that timeshare owners are aware of a new scam in the industry.  A company by the name of “PHB” based out of Milwaukee, WI has been contacting timeshare owners in an attempt to convince the owner that they have a prospective buyer for their timeshare.  With the volume of timeshare owners wishing to sell going up, owners are eager to sell with the intent of recouping some of the money spent.  Unfortunately, scam companies such as PHB make phone calls to these owners in anticipation of their willingness to sell and attempt to convince them to pay a fee in order to sell the property.   Most owners do not understand that they will not receive the purchase price of the timeshare, but in an effort to be ”relieved”  from their timeshare responsibility, hasty decisions on selling may enter their mind.   PHB, like many other scams in the timeshare world, is not a legitimate business according to BBB.  The good news is that there are timeshare buyers in the market for your timeshare without requiring money up front.  

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