Advantages to Owning a Timeshare

Many people have been misinformed when it comes to purchasing a timeshare and what becoming a timeshare owner actually means.  With the current economic situation, many people fear that they will be unable to afford the timeshare as well as the yearly maintenance fees.  Investors are unaware of the benefits that a timeshare holds as a result of not knowing what timeshares can offer.  So what are the advantages to owning a timeshare you ask?  Below are a few points worth mentioning should you be considering whether or not to purchase a timeshare:

-Money: Most hotels will cost anywhere between $200-$300 per night.   Not to mention the fact that hotel rooms are limited in space.  Now, imagine spending a week in a hotel at a cost of $300/night.  That is a total of $2100/week for a vacation.  Timeshares have a yearly maintenance fee you might say.  Yes, they do however when broken down into months, the fee will more than likely be less than the cost of a hotel room for one week. 

-Home: Just like home, timeshares have a comfortable living space that has the feel of being in your own home.  Once you check into your condo or resort unit most of the convenience of being home is available. Sure you need to purchase groceries for the week but once you have done so you can sit back and relax knowing that your meals can be prepared within the comforts of your “home”.  How is that possible you might wonder?  Well many timeshares have a full kitchen, dining area, and plenty of space for children to roam around.

-Real Estate: Timeshares are deeded and allow you to do whatever you wish with them provided your contract allows you to.  As an owner, you can give your timeshare to a another person, will it to someone, rent or sell to others. 

-Points Transfer: If you purchase a timeshare through a company that offers points transferability, you open up your options for vacationing experiences.  Instead of being held to vacationing at one specific location year after year, owners can transfer to a different location and resort than the one they purchased.  It is important to fully understand what the timeshare offers prior to purchasing it.  For more information please visit our website at

-Flexible: Let’s face it, things happen in life that prevent us from taking that vacation we have been waiting for over a year for! When you own a timeshare you have the flexibility of canceling your vacation without losing your points or your vacation altogether! Reschedule it for a later date and still enjoy the benefits. 

-Security & Stability: Unlike a hotel, timeshares offer the comfort of knowing that your family is safe throughout your stay.  With most resorts offering private and sometimes enclosed parking, your vehicle and belongings remain safe throughout your stay.  Not to mention the security offered within the condo or resort units.  Check-in and out with ease sets you up for the ability to settle into your vacation time with ease. 

-Destination: Each timeshare offers a “home-base” for the owner.  This does not mean that you and your family will be required to vacation in the same location year after year, unless you choose to.  Timeshares offer you, as an owner, the ability to travel most anywhere you could imagine.  With the ability to work with partnering resort companies, your options are wide open.

Take time to review each timeshare prior to purchasing yours.  Visit to speak with a licensed real estate broker today to get your vacationing needs met!