Westgate Lakes Timeshare to Expand

Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa has just released plans to complete a major expansion to its timeshare resort in Florida.  Westgate intends to build an additional 300 units to be completed over the next year.  The units are anticipated to sell for approximately $20,000 per unit. 

Central Florida is hopeful that this new expansion will bring more tourists to the area in an attempt to boost the economy.  Analysts say that tourism is the region’s largest industry.  Along with tourists the project will account for a number of jobs within the area.  Westgate is said to be one of the top resorts within the area as it attracts a great deal of timeshare owners.  

 Industry experts believe that the project will not be completed until mid-2014.  Once the units are completed comes the challenge of selling them.   Everyone knows that the recession caused numerous problems with financial institutions loaning money to consumers which has directly affected the housing market.  Westgate hopes that financial institutions will aid consumers in being able to purchase the new units by offering different options for financing. 

For more information on how to purchase a Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa timeshare visit www.timesharebrokersmls.com.