Timeshare Closings

Once you’ve decided that you will be purchasing a timeshare the next question is, “how long before I can use my timeshare”.  The typical amount of time buyers may need to wait to enjoy that first booking is between 30-60 days.  So what takes place during that time?  First a signed contract is received from the buyer and seller.  An estoppel is then ordered to verify what the maintenance fees and taxes are.  If the resort has First Right of Refusal then a waiver is requested.  This particular step in the process can take 2-4 weeks for the resort to inform of their decision.  Next the waiver is received by the Title company.  Closing documents are then sent out to the buyer and seller.  Once the closing documents are received the closing takes place.  The deed is sent for recording and once received, the resort is notified and the buyer receives a recorded deed.  Lastly, the buyer is able to enjoy their timeshare. 

Seems like a relatively simple process right?  Visit www.timesharebrokersmls.com today to purchase your next timeshare!!