Shell Vacations Club

Shell Vacations Club (SVC) has been in the timeshare business since 1978.  The company has more than 115,000 vacation owners and members and operates 24 vacation properties and affiliated resorts in the United States, Canada and Mexico.  SVC provides owners with a points-based program that gives members total access to resorts.  Members can spend their points on accommodations, leisure activities, travel, shopping, dining, culture and entertainment.  Points can also be accelerated, shared with other members, banked and saved for an additional year.

The club consists of:

·         SVC Resorts in Hawaii, California, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Wisconsin, Texas, New Hampshire, Canada and Mexico.

·         SVC Collections partners currently include benefits such as cruises, inter-island air travel in Hawaii, safaris, special hotel and resort programs and more.

·        SVC LifeStyles partners is a program that, for a modest fee, this optional program allows owners and members to choose from a collection of recreational conveniences and travel opportunities to enhance your vacation. 

·         SVC has exchange privileges with over 2,600 member resorts around the world.

Shell Vacations recently acquired what was the Park Manor Suites, renamed Inn at the Park, in San Diego, California. All properties through Shell Vacations will be listed on the Interval International website.  Shell Vacation Club operates with approximately 65,000 members who utilize the points based system. As of January 2, 2013 all members will automatically be enrolled into the Interval International membership club. Included in the membership will be year-round benefits to include discounts on resort getaways, shortstay exchange, a Hertz Gold membership, and multiple special offers at restaurants, hotels and retail outlets around the world.  When you become a member of Shell Vacations Club an array of vacation options open up. Vacation choices include: beach and water sport resorts, golf resorts, ski and snow resorts, cultural pursuits, and family friendly resorts.

      Please visit to purchase a Shell Vacations Club timeshare today! At this time there are several Shell Vacation Club timeshares available in Hawaii.