Disney Vacation Club

The Disney Vacation Club membership is based on its Vacation Points.  As a member, you receive an annual allotment of Vacation Points.  There are approximately 500 Member Getaways destinations worldwide when you purchase directly from Disney.  The amount of points you receive is dependent upon your real estate interest (the larger the points, the more your plan will cost).  Each year members receive a new allotment of Vacation Points to be used at their discretion.  Accommodations are available at Disney Vacation Club Resorts and other Disney destinations, or at hundreds of locales through the Member Getaways program.  Dependent upon how you use your membership, you can take an extended vacation or several small vacations throughout the year.  Accommodations at Disney Vacation Club Resorts vary in size from Deluxe Studios for up to 4 people to Grand Villas for groups up to 12.  Larger accommodations require more Vacation Points as smaller ones require less. 

The Disney Vacation Club plan also offers members the opportunity to bank and borrow points.  For example, if your family wanted to take a cruise but do not have enough points for the trip.  You can either bank the points for the following year when you will have enough points, or you may borrow from your points for the following year to take the cruise when you wish.  This plan also offers members the opportunity to purchase more Vacation Points by purchasing additional real estate interest.

Members who purchase the Disney Vacation Club plan are also granted flexible dates for vacationing that fits their schedule, flexible room types, a variety of vacation experiences and three Club Collections when vacationing outside of the Disney Vacation Club Resorts.  These Collections include: Disney Collection, World Passport Collection, and Concierge Collection.  The following is a breakdown of each Collection:

·         Disney Collection: encompasses all the magic- select Disney Hotels in Florida, California, France, Hong Kong and Japan as well as voyages with Disney Cruise Line and guided tours with Adventures by Disney.

·         World Passport Collection: available through the Member Getaways program, members have access to resort destinations throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

·         Concierge Collection: includes premier accommodations and spectacular surroundings when you stay in some of the most distinguished resorts and hotels handpicked by Disney Vacation Club.

Disney also offers membership discounts & savings when purchased directly from Disney.  Membership discounts and savings include savings on select dining at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, discounts on spa treatments, watersports rentals and more, golf membership discounts at Walt Disney World Resort, savings on select merchandise and Theme Park tours, and savings on select Theme Park Annual Passes. 

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